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The control of our money, and its value, should not be in the hands of a private bank

The Federal Reserve is a private, for-profit bank that has no congressional oversight yet controls the value of the dollar and the US money supply by setting interest rates and printing its currency, respectively. Not to mention that when money is created for the US Treasury it is loaned out with interest meaning that mathematically there is no way to pay that interest back. The Federal Reserve system is a debt-system.

[NB] Reverse Citizens United

The 2010, 5-4 ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission by the US Supreme Court recognized private and unlimited donations of corporate funds to political organizations (AKA lobbyists) as free speech; that gave rise to the phrase “Corporate Personhood.” History has precedents for what happens under such circumstances. This kind of practice leads to eventual deterioration of a Republic and results in a state wherein the will of the people is ignored for the will of the corporate dollar while the system was created to work for, of, and by the people.

Recall House Republican Leadership

WHEREAS we have witnessed continued obstructionism and acts against the interest of the nation, WHEREAS continued attempts persist to repeal signed law after 41 losses in the legislature and a loss in the Supreme Court, WHEREAS workers and employers have been intentionally misinformed regarding legal obligations thereby obstructing compliance with the law, the Republican Party leadership in the US House of Representatives must face recall election.

I think everyone should watch the documentary "9/11: Blueprint for Truth"

Presented by licensed architect of 25 years Richard Gage, "9/11: Blueprint for Truth" is a deep, expertly-guided, scientific dive into what happened on 09/11/2001 by someone that designs steel buildings for a living and whose job it is to understand the forces they can withstand before structural collapse. Furthermore, do most people even know that a third building fell that day in NYC?

Greg Abbott's Education Plan for Texas - What do you think?

While in the midst of defending $5 billion budget cuts to public schools in Texas, Greg Abbott released his plan for the future of Texas schools. "If Texas is serious about implementing high quality pre-k, there is a need for greater transparency of pre-k programs. This will increase districts’ ability to share information and facilitate the diffusion of classroom best practices. Transparency will also enable policymakers to assess the return on taxpayers’ investment in state-funded pre-k by providing the necessary information to hold school districts and private providers accountable for the quality of their pre-k programs."